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Rendering control & info


pixel ( x, y )

complex ( r, i )


angle (about center):

center ( x, y )

center ( r, i )

width, height [pixel]:


Render time [ms]:

itmax | # of colors:

Set max. # of iterations:

Zoom animation:



Image settings

angle (about center):

center ( r, i ):

width, height ( r, i ):

Mandelbrot set

Fractals are characterized by self-similar or repeating geometric patterns. Above Javascript application allows for the exploration of the Mandelbrot set (also called 'Apfelmännchen' in German). Or its boundaries to be precise, since technically the black area constitutes the Mandelbrot set while the surrounding areas are rendered in different colors depending on their distance to the nearest point inside of the Mandelbrot set.

Essentially, the rendered image is a view of the complex number plane and for each coordinate the polynomial zn+1 = zn2 + c is iterated to determine whether it remains bounded (and the coordinate belongs to the Mandelbrot set) or not.

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